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Experience podcast in a new and smarter way with NOTA. When using the NOTA mobile app, you can now see and access the things podcasters are talking about - while you listen.

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The NOTA Difference - Interactive Show Notes

No more wondering what the show guest looks like, or struggling to remember the name of a book mentioned or scrambling to jot down the url of a website you want to visit. Now it’s all in one place - where you listen.

Website Links

Like insightful articles


Like the top rated beach in Hawaii

Social Media Post & Photos

Like the best plays of the season


Like books that change lives

A Complete Podcast Experience


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See what is said

View show notes from your favorite podcast without ever leaving your app. See what is being discussed while you listen.

Save for later

Save interesting notes for later. Easily view and sort the notes you've saved.

Share your favorite notes

Share your favorite part of the podcast with notes that link right to the exact spot in the episode.

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