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Aug 28, 2023

Ana Homayoun, Author of her new book, Erasing The Finish Line

My guest is Ana Homayoun, Author, sharing her new book titled Erasing The Finish Line: The New Blueprint Beyond Grades and College Admissions.
Ana Homayoun is ...  an academic advisor and early career development expert working at the intersection of executive function, technology, and personal energy management. She is the founder of Silicon Valley based Green Ivy Educational Consulting and the executive director of Luminaria Learning Solutions, a non-profit initiative developing the Life Navigator School Advisory Program. She is the author of That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week, The Myth of the Perfect Girl, and Social Media Wellness, and her work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, Fast Company and NPR.
Topics covered in this episode:
-Why did Ana write this new book?
- She shares learned reflections from one of her students who grew up with ADHD
- How kids desire to connect to others is a big motive in their lives
- Guidance for balancing dynamic of academics and screen time
- Her point of view on how AI may impact academics
- What is the future of SAT & ACT test taking for admissions into college?
- When a child has ADHD what skills should parents focus on when it comes to getting through school?
- Mindset guidance for parents of ADHD kids at back to school time
- Ana’s words of wisdom
Podcast Guest: Ana Homayoun

Erasing the Finish Line

Moving beyond a prescribed path for success, Erasing the Finish Line highlights the essential skills to help each young person thrive in school and life.

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