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Mar 8, 2023

Kate chats with Jan Ellison Baszucki, founder of MetabolicMind.org, parent & author

My guest is Jan Ellison Baszucki, founder of MetabolicMind.org. Jan is also a parent, author, mental health advocate and aspiring citizen scientist. Her husband,  David Baszucki and Jan Ellison Baszucki launched MetabolicMind.org, an initiative of Baszucki Group, to share information and resources about the emerging field of metabolic psychiatry. Their family experienced the challenges of a mental health crisis firsthand when the eldest of their four children, their son, Matt, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 19. After battling bipolar illness for five years, Matt achieved a full recovery from his condition using a metabolic ketogenic diet therapy. I invited Jan on the podcast to share her personal journey as a parent with a child who was struggling with a serious mental health crisis to share her insights and learned know-how with us. Even though her son isn’t diagnosed with ADHD, there is so much education, insight and resources packed in this episode to support a parent or expert who is supporting a person with ADHD.
Podcast Guest: Jan Ellison Baszucki

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