About Nota

Welcome to Nota.fm, where we're changing the way you experience podcasts!

Our Mission

As content and media platform that makes podcasts more engaging and informative through visual and interactive show notes, our mission is to provide people with a better podcast experience. We believe that podcasts are a wealth of knowledge and entertainment, and we're here to elevate them. For podcasters, we aim to help you provide a superior experience for your listeners while increasing the distribution and visibility of your content. Our long-term goal is to transform the way people interact with this medium.

What We Do

Nota.fm is your gateway to a richer podcast experience. We provide and display show notes for podcast episodes in a unique visual format we call "notecards." Each notecard showcases a description, a link to the referenced URL, and a preview image of the subject discussed in the episode so that people can quickly access and identify the most noteworthy items from their favorite podcast episodes.

For Podcasters

Podcasters are at the heart of what we do, and we're here to help you in more ways than one. Beyond enhancing your listeners' experience, Nota.fm can help monetize your content by driving traffic to your official websites, encouraging listeners to leave reviews, providing links to donations that support your show, and promoting specific products and services you offer. Nota.fm also serves as a platform to highlight your guests and give your sponsors a visual, clickable presence on the web, extending beyond simple sponsorship mentions in your podcast audio.

The best part? Placement on the Nota.fm platform is completely free for podcasters. We believe in providing access to powerful tools at no cost to you. Our platform helps you deliver more value to your audience, making your content more shareable and helping you stand out and differentiate yourself in the crowded podcasting space.

For Podcast Listeners

If you're an avid podcast listener, we're here to simplify your quest for more content. "What was that book the podcaster just mentioned?" Nota.fm has the answer. We not only display the book but also provide a direct link for you to purchase it. We recognize your love for audio and aim to make it easy for you to explore the gems hidden within episodes.

Key Features

At the heart of Nota.fm are our notecards, the primary feature that sets us apart. These notecards contain a wide range of content, including recipes, documentaries, movie trailers, books, sponsor information, newsletters, guest references, YouTube channels, apps, quotes, other podcasts, products, discounts, social media profiles, gifts, articles, and much more. Each notecard is vetted and trusted, sourced directly from podcasters or their guests.

Discover More

With Nota.fm, you can effortlessly explore the world of podcasts. Visit a podcaster's profile, and you'll find all their recent episodes. Click into an episode to access the audio and, most importantly, all the notecards associated with that episode. You're just a click away from discovering a treasure trove of valuable information.

Engage and Personalize

Nota.fm offers interaction options like "liking" individual notecards and bookmarking them for your "saved" list. This personalization allows you to revisit your favorite content at your convenience.

Contact Us

Have questions, suggestions, or need support? We're here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at support@nota.fm.

Nota.fm is your companion in the world of podcasts, making your listening experience richer and more engaging. Join us in this exciting journey to transform the way you explore and interact with podcast content.