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Sep 1, 2023

E144: Biden targets Elon, BRICS challenges the West, Tiger hit piece & more

(0:00) Chamath's big poker trip (4:32) Addressing the "in the arena" comments (7:16) Biden administration targets Elon's businesses (21:58) Tiger Global claims disgruntled ex-employee circulated ...  fake hit piece (27:51) BRICS adds six new members, Sacks breaks down some potential advantages of the new BRICS (40:46) BRICS ultimate goals, India's key position (51:54) How energy independence plays into the future geopolitical order (1:00:22) All-In Summit party talk!

Meet Oliver Anthony: The New Voice of America's Working Class

Two weeks ago, nobody had heard of 'Rich Men North of Richmond.' Now the song is a symbol of forgotten America. The Free Press sits down with the man behind a movement.

The United States can no longer assume that the rest of the world is on its side

The Global South doesn't trust the United States on Ukraine - or anything else.
Washington Post

Budd, Coons Lead Bipartisan Coalition Supporting Nuclear Energy

“The Senate is committed to embracing and promoting nuclear power as a clean baseload energy source necessary to achieve a reliable, secure, and diversified electric grid.”

India will buy oil from anyone who offers the 'lowest possible prices' - minister

NEW DELHI, Aug 30 (Reuters) - India will buy oil from all sources that offer it at the "lowest possible prices", the country's oil minister told broadcaster ET Now on Wednesday.

India Remains Steadfast in Partnership with Russia

However, India's neutral stance on Russia has not strained its growing strategic ties with the United States

Brazil's Lula calls for end to dollar trade dominance

Leftist president lends his voice to Beijing's efforts to boost renminbi's role in global commerce.

China hopes expanded Brics will turn world upside down

The size of proposed 11-country grouping would put G7 in the shade

BRICS welcomes new members in push to reshuffle world order

Bloc adds Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina and UAE.

Oliver Anthony: 'I wrote that song about those people' on debate stage, 'cracks me up'

Breakout singer-songwriter Oliver Anthony responds to his song 'Rich Men North of Richmond' being broadcast at the Republican debate, saying the politicians misunderstood it as being about Joe Biden.
Fox News

After GOP debate, Oliver Anthony says politicians 'weaponized' his song

Oliver Anthony called it funny that "Rich Men North of Richmond" was played at the first Republican presidential debate, given that the song targets politicians.
Washington Post

Biden says Elon Musk's relationship with other countries 'worthy of being looked at'

President Joe Biden said Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's relationship with other countries was "worthy of being looked at," but declined to say how that could be done.

Justice Department Sues SpaceX for Discriminating Against Asylees and Refugees in Hiring

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) for discriminating against asylees and refugees in hiring. The lawsuit alleges...

Joe Biden's "Robert Peters" pseudonym under scrutiny as GOP probes emails

House Republicans are also seeking all drafts of a speech Biden delivered to the Ukrainian parliament in 2015.

KanekoaTheGreat on Twitter:

Biden's DOJ is now investigating @ElonMusk's Tesla for constructing a glass house...SpaceX was sued by the DOJ last week for not hiring refugees to build advanced American rocket technology.

Tom Osman on Twitter:

In the arena with @chamath.