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Mar 9, 2023

Why We (Mostly) Quit Alcohol And The Best Alcohol Alternatives with Antonio Neves

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Antonio Neves to talk about why more people are quitting or greatly reducing their alcohol intake. They also discuss their personal relationships with alcohol and how it fits into their social lives, the problems with alcohol alternatives, and so much more.  Antonio Neves is an entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, and world-renowned speaker known for helping people get unstuck and confidently make their next move. He is the founder of the Man Morning newsletter, a free three-minute newsletter that provides growth-minded men with thoughtful insights and powerful questions to start their day. He’s also the bestselling author of Stop Living on Autopilot and host of The Antonio Neves Show podcast.
Podcast Guest: Antonio Neves

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Stop Living On Autopilot by Antonio Neves

Stop Living on Autopilot - the best-selling book from top success coach and speaker Antonio Neves. Get Unstuck and Rediscover a Bolder, Happier You.

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Try This: 3 Reasons to Minimize Alcohol Intake

I don't know if you've heard, but cutting down on alcohol, or avoiding it altogether, is totally trending right now. It seems as if health experts everywhere are speaking out about the harms of alcohol on our brains and bodies.

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On Pausing Alcohol by Marc Andreessen

About six months ago, I stopped drinking alcohol. I feel much better, and I'm mad as hell about it. I never really drank through my 20s and 30s, but grew to really enjoy whiskey through my 40s, coincident with "Mad Men", and roughly a thousand academic studies that proved that alcohol is actually good for you.

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