Nota Help Guide
FAQs for Listeners and Podcasters

User FAQs

How do I follow a Podcast?

Search for a podcast by clicking the Search icon in the upper left corner of the home screen, or the large Plus icon in the My Podcasts section. Find your podcast and tap on it. When viewing the Podcasts Show page, click the Red Plus icon that appear nears the top of the screen.

What does the heart icon do?

The heart icons let Podcasters know you like their content. You'll find heart icons on the Show page (next to the Subscribe button), and on individual notes (next to the Share button).

How do I change the playback speed?

Use the 1x icon next to the large play button.

Playback Speed

Playback speeds of 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x can be set by tapping the 1x icon that appears next to the large blue play button when you are in full screen mode. Playback speeds can be set independently for each episode as well.

What does the flag icon do?

This is how you Save an episode.

Save an Episode

The flag icon that appears in the slide up player, allows you to Save an episode. Your saved episodes will appear on your home screen.

Does it work in airplane mode?

You can listen to downloaded episodes without an internet connection. Episode notes are only available when you are online.

What does the moon icon do?

Use the moon icon to set a sleep timer.

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer can be found in the slide up player tray. Tap the moon icon to start a 30 minute sleep timer.

Podcaster FAQs

Can I manually change the content of a note?

At this time it is not possible to manually change the content of a note. The photo, title and text are pulled from the URLs Open Graph tags.

Where does the note content come from?

The content for a note is pulled from the Open Graph tags of the URL you provide. These 'OG' tags typically specify a primary image, title and description for a web site page.

How do I reorder notes?

The order of your notes is controlled by the timestamp feature. We recommend that you associate a note with a precise point in your podcast where the content was discussed. If a piece of content is associated with multiple points in a discussion, simply choose the point that would make the most sense for your listeners, as playback with automatically show the note at the point you timestamp it.

How do I add a timestamp to a note?

After you've added a note, simply position the playback point where you'd like the note to appear. Mouse over the note, and click the Set Time button. Notes should start appearing live in the app within about 10 minutes.

How do I delete a Note?

Click on the note you'd like to delete. The thumbnail will highlight, and you'll see a preview to the left of the playback area. Now just hit Delete on your keyboard.

Why aren't my notes appearing in the app?

In order for your notes to appear in the Nota app they must have timestamps.

Entering Social Media Handles

When adding your social media links for Twitter and Instagram, all you need to enter is your @handle. If you're Twitter and Instagram links are working correctly on your show profile page within the App, check to make sure if you haven't entered the full URL of your Twitter or Insta page. Simply enter your handle.