Ep. 252 A Modern Take on Traditional Design with Katie Rosenfield

May 10, 2022
On today’s show, we welcome Massachusetts-based designer Katie Rosenfeld. Katie’s design style can be summed up as happy, family-friendly, and approachable. Katie’s ability to approach traditional design in an unexpected way makes her stand out. She blurs the lines between classic and modern with bits of quirky added for good measure. 
Podcast Guest(s): Katie Rosenfield

Katie Rosenfeld Design

Known for her no-holds-barred approach to color and pattern, Katie Rosenfeld's design style can be summed up as happy, family friendly and approachable. Equal parts vintage and modern, classic and contemporary, Katie's picks range from fresh traditional to 20th century vintage with bits of quirky and ironic added for good measure.

Katie Rosenfeld & Co. - Boston, Interior Design Company

Katie Rosenfeld & Co. a Boston-based full service interior design company in Wellesley, MA specializing in residential designs that are fresh, approachable and timeless.