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Mar 6, 2023

How to Optimize Your Water Quality & Intake for Health

In this episode, I discuss our body’s most vital and essential nutrient—water. I explain the structure of water and how it is used by the ...  cells and tissues of our body, how much water we each need to drink and when in order to optimize our mental focus and physical performance; and I include how exercise, humidity, heat, and caffeine affect our hydration needs. I explain how temperature and pH influence water’s physical properties and if there is any scientific basis for drinking so-called “pH water” or “alkalized water” to improve health. I explain how to test your tap water for contaminants (e.g., endocrine disruptors) and the documented problems with fluoride in drinking water. I provide options for filtering drinking water and describe different water types (e.g., reverse osmosis, hydrogen-enriched, electrolyzed reduced, deuterium depleted, etc.). Since the human body is mostly water (55-80% depending on one’s age) and water has essential roles in health, disease and cellular function, everyone ought to benefit from understanding how best to clean our tap water, hydrate effectively and in some cases, adjust the type of water we drink to allow our brain and body to function optimally in regard to health and performance. For recommended water filters, tests and the full show notes, please visit hubermanlab.com.

Impact of cold exposure on life satisfaction and physical composition of soldiers

The aim of this study was to examine the effect of regular cold exposure on the psychological status and physical composition of healthy young soldiers in the Czech Army.

Circadian Rhythms and the Kidney

Numerous physiological functions exhibit substantial circadian oscillations. In the kidneys, renal plasma flow, the glomerular filtration rate and tubular reabsorption and/or secretion processes have been shown to peak during the active phase and decline during the inactive phase.

Endocrine Disruptors in Water and Their Effects on the Reproductive System

Anthropogenic contaminants in water can impose risks to reproductive health. Most of these compounds are known to be endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs can impact the endocrine system and subsequently impair the development and fertility of non-human animals and humans.

Impact of Drinking Water Fluoride on Human Thyroid Hormones: A Case- Control Study

The elevated fluoride from drinking water impacts on T3, T4 and TSH hormones. The aim was study impacts of drinking water fluoride on T3, T4 and TSH hormones inYGA (Yazd Greater Area). In this case- control study 198 cases and 213 controls were selected.

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Regulations for calcium, magnesium or hardness in drinking water in the European Union member states

Very low or very high concentrations of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) or total hardness in drinking water have been empirically recognized as the cause of the problems with corrosion, scaling, or taste of water. A large body of scientific evidence over the last 60 years has also attributed health problems to both extremes of these minerals in water.

Electrolyzed-Reduced Water

ERW has been used for many decades, but it was not until recently that it was conclusively demonstrated that molecular hydrogen is responsible for both the negative ORP and the observed biological benefits.

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Electrolyzed-Reduced Water: Review II: Safety Concerns and Effectiveness as a Source of Hydrogen Water

Many studies demonstrate the safety of alkaline-electrolyzed-reduced water (ERW); however, several animal studies have reported significant tissue damage and hyperkalemia after drinking ERW. The mechanism responsible for these results remains unknown but may be due to electrode degradation associated with the production of higher pH, in which platinum nanoparticles and other metals that have harmful effects may leach into the water.

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