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May 18, 2022

Episode #4 - PFPs and Online Identity

In this episode Noah and Vivian discuss PFP projects and collect work from artist Robert Gallardo's project No PFP Project, a project the artist made ...  by hand over the course of three months in response to PFP projects. This leads to a larger discussion around online identity.

Tehching Hsieh

One Year Performant 1980 - 1981 (Time Clock Piece)


The CryptoPunks are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain. Originally, they could be claimed for free by anybody with an Ethereum wallet, but all 10,000 were quickly claimed.

"Disregard the Words"

I'll never forget the first time I played with an iPhone. It was my freshman year in college, and I loved my Blackberry. It had email. It had BBM (Blackberry's precursor to iMessage, which dominated the campus social scene). It let me quickly Google stuff. What more could you ask for?

Context | See what's happening on Web3

Watch wallets and collections to see what's happening in web3

Heavy Manners

Heavy Manners is a library that seeks to archive and distribute self and independently published artists' books, zines, and media.
Heavy Manners

Maya Man

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Tehching Hsieh - Wikipedia

Tehching (Sam) Hsieh ( 謝德慶; born 31 December 1950; Nan-Chou, Pingtung County, Taiwan) is a US performance artist of Taiwanese background. He has been called a "master" by fellow performance artist Marina Abramović. He was one of 15 children from a family in southern Taiwan.