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Jul 13, 2022

Episode #8 - Crypto Lingo

GM! Noah and Vivian discuss their thoughts and feelings about web3 lingo. LFG!

DRESSX Fashion NFT Marketplace

The only NFT marketplace dedicated to digital fashion wearables. Create, buy, sell, auction and WEAR NFTs thanks to DRESSX unique utilities of augmented reality, editorial photo dressing in exclusivity for NFT owners.

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Watch wallets and collections to see what's happening in web3
TIS books

One Star and a Dark Voyage / Barbara Bosworth

In her first monograph with TIS books, the much-heralded photographer Barbara Bosworth has interwoven the visceral and ethereal to visually build a sense of the delicate and fragile nature of life, at a place where the edges of heaven and earth blur.
Barbara Bosworth

Barbara Bosworth

American photographer Barbara Bosworth has engaged with the relationship between people and nature, photographing meadows, bird banders, night skies, hunters, water and clouds.

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Watch wallets and collections to see what's happening in web3


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