Boldness and Buttons with Tabitha Sewer

May 24, 2022
Tabitha Sewer is a sewing content creator, button designer, and business expert. We chat with her about sewing with unusual fabrics, creating designer looks for less, thrift flipping, and her amazing buttons! She also takes us behind the scenes of creating content for some of the biggest brands in the world. 
Podcast Guest(s): Tabitha Sewer

Tabitha Sewer

Hi! My name is Tabitha and I am an obsessive DIYer. Subscribe to my channel and follow along as I design, sew, and create.
Tabitha Sewer

Goldfish but Make it Fashun - Tabitha Sewer

This Summer, I had the most amazing meet up and met the most amazing people! One of those people I met, was one of my IG bestie, Stephanie Decker . Stephanie gifted me the most gorgeous fabric ever. I mean....she knows my taste people. LOL!
Tabitha Sewer

Velvet Shacket Coord Set - Tabitha Sewer

Shackets (Shirt Jackets) are having a moment. I loved the look of them but I couldn't see it as apart of my style. Well.....that's where sewing comes in. I can choose the fabric and create a look that could work for me. This is why I love sewing.
Tabitha Sewer

Neutrals with a Pop of Color - Tabitha Sewer

Raise your hand if you know I love bright, bold, and playful colors! Looking at this, you would instantly know that this isn't my normal style. I don't really like neutrals! However, I wanted to make a neutral-colored coat so that I could wear it with more outfits to get the most use out of it!
Tabitha Sewer

Designer Look for Less: Mother of Pearl - Tabitha Sewer

Happy Fall! I fell in love with the process of making coats 2 years ago. It's most definitely a process that calls for patience and a love for slow sewing. There are so many parts and details when it comes to coat making, so you don't want to rush it.
Tabitha Sewer

barbie girl - Tabitha Sewer

Spring is around the corner! Let's show a lilttle leg with this adorable look that I found online. I love this dress and thought I should recreate it for Spring. Let's discuss what I love about it.

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Tabitha Sewer | Fiskars®

Colors you find in Tabitha's Sew Bold scissors reflect aspects of her creativity and how she inspires others. Pink, orange and yellow evoke joy, creativity and success while the three blue shades honor US Air Force core values of integrity, service and excellence.


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