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Oct 12, 2023

Conquer Overwhelm: Your Ultimate Guide to Inner Peace With the Amazing Dr. Thema Bryant

In this episode, Dr. Thema Bryant gives you the tools to conquer overwhelm and unlock your inner peace.

Dr. Thema Bryant is the current president of ...  the American Psychological Association. She trained at both Duke and Harvard, teaches at Pepperdine University, has published multiple best-selling books, and has spent decades of her life researching how you can stay calm and centered in any situation.

She calls this kind of peace “coming home” to yourself, and she will teach you how to do it, even if the world around you is in chaos.

Dr. Thema is simply incredible. Just her presence alone will put you at ease. She has the unique gift of weaving together psychological strategies for healing with the deeper spiritual cornerstones of faith and trust.

This is an encore episode with new insights from me at the top of the conversation. Given how overwhelming the world seems right now, I believe this profound and actionable conversation is exactly what you and I need to hear.

With Dr. Thema's wisdom and tools, you can and will overcome the overwhelm, anxiety, and stress you are feeling right now.
Podcast Guest: Dr. Thema Bryant

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