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Oct 23, 2023

“You’re Not Obsessed With Your Ex, Patsy; You’re an Addict.” Mel’s Advice, Listener Questions, and More!

Welcome to another round of your questions and my advice. I have a stack of your crazy, raw, and unbelievably direct questions, so we are ...  going to have an unfiltered conversation about sex, competitive parents, getting over your ex, and this light and easy question... Is there a God?

You are getting the coaching you need right now.

The questions you asked are juicy:

Why am I still obsessed with my ex? It’s been 7 years.

My partner refuses to have sex with me. What do I do now?

The parents of my kid’s friends are so competitive; how the hell do I get out of this rat race?

Is there a God?

Imposter syndrome is killing my career. What the hell do I do?

What are the 4 new habits I can’t stop? (Because they are THAT GOOD.)

Why do I feel so trapped in my life? What do I need to know to get out?

Why can’t I fix myself after years of personal development courses?

Get the tough love, “ah-ha” moments and laugh your ass off at some of the crazy stuff that goes down in this episode.

You asked… and I can’t wait for you to hear my answers.

Xo, Mel

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