Is your podcast as engaging as it can be?

Nota helps you create the ultimate visually enhanced listening experience.

Customize your show with high-impact imagery, share photos and links with your listeners, monetize your content and gain access to insightful analytics…for free.

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Create an unforgettable mobile podcast experience for your listeners.

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Show your listeners what you’ve been talking about.

Customize your show and episodes by adding impactful, full-screen images of your guests, the topics you’re discussing, recommended products, or anything else that will help create a deeper connection with your listeners.

Nota<sup>™</sup> Podcast Note Cards
You’ve always created amazing audio content. Now, you can finally show your listeners what you’ve been talking about.

With Nota, you can make each of your podcast episodes truly unique by adding photos and links that perfectly align with the conversation. When listeners can see and interact with the topics you’re discussing—whether it’s books, articles, maps, products, guests or more—their podcast experience becomes infinitely more immersive. Plus, each note can be shared directly from the Nota app, allowing your listeners to introduce their friends and family to your show.

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Do you want to make more money from your podcast?

Add affiliate codes to your links, such as Amazon, or earn premiums from your advertisers by displaying their visual ads in addition to reading them. Visual notes drive your listeners to purchase products and services from your sponsors. Nota also provides the opportunity to promote upcoming events and link to donation sites, like Patreon.

Nota<sup>™</sup> Podcast Stats
You might know how many subscribers you have, but do you know what content they find most engaging, how long they listen, or what they’re sharing?

Nota analytics provides information like listener duration, what points in the episode are most “liked”, and which notes listeners are saving and sharing. This data helps you understand your listeners, allowing you to tailor and optimize your episodes, and create the best podcast experience for your audience overall.

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Adding Notes is Easy as Copy and Paste

Use Nota's tools to quickly create visual notes via drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste functionality. See an instant preview of your note, and add timestamps to the built-in player with a single click.

Nota's Podcast Note Tool
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