FAQS for Podcasters

Do you host my show’s audio? No. We simply stream from your existing hosting provider.

Is this service free? Yes. Customizing your show imagery, adding Notecards and getting analytics is all free to podcasters.

Can I change my profile image anytime I want? Yes, go to your Podcast Dashboard and select the Edit Podcast Screen.

What insights and data will I get access to? Data is refreshed regularly and you will have access to a dashboard that give you insights into many aspects of your podcast. For your Podcast, you’ll see subscriptions and shares. For Episodes you’ll see plays, likes and shares. For Notecards, you’ll see the number of impressions, likes, saves and shares for each Notecard you create.

Can I add affiliate referrals to the Notecards I create? Yes. Just copy and paste the full url into the Note Creator.

If I claim my podcast can I unclaim it later? Yes. Go to the Podcast Dashboard and click the “Unclaim” button on the top right of the screen.

How can I promote my show’s sponsors? Absolutely…just the way you’d create any other Notecard.

Will my notes appear in search results? Yes. Each Notecard you created is unique and will be associated with your show. When listeners search within the Nota App, Notecards will be displayed along with show and episodes based on search terms.

How do I delete a Notecard? When you are in the Manage Notes section, click on the Notecard you want to delete, then press the Delete button on your keyboard.

How do I add Text (create a text Notecard)? Type a " - quote mark - and then enter the text you want to be displayed as a Notecard.

How is Notecard content generated? Once you copy and paste a URL into the Note Creator, a Notecard will automatically be generated. We do this by utilizing the Open Graph data associated with the URL you have entered. In the instance of entering an address into the Note Creator, we utilized Google Maps to validate the address and generate a map.

Learn more about Open Graph Tags
Genearl Overview: Click here
For Wordpress: Yoast
For SquareSpace: SquareSpace Help

After I add a photo or link, how long will it take to show up on the app? New content will usually appear in less than five minutes.

Can I export my analytics? Currently, all analytics are displayed within the Podcast Dashboard. In the near future we plan to make this data exportable.