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May 12, 2022
Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe is a public speaker, tech advisor, author and one of the hosts of the "Hotels BEEN Told You" podcast.
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Washington Examiner

Chicago mayor sends 'call to arms' over Supreme Court

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot set social media ablaze Monday evening with a "call to arms" in response to an impending ruling from the Supreme Court.

Elon Musk "Centrist Meme"

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Q: Into The Storm

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Mail Online

Americans with PhDs are most reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID

Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh researchers reported a U-shaped correlation between vaccine hesitancy and education level They concluded people with PhDs are not only the most skeptical about getting vaccinated but are also the least likely to change their minds about it Other risk factors for hesitancy

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Business Insider

China's 'social credit' system ranks citizens and punishes them with throttled internet speeds and flight bans if the Communist Party deems them untrustworthy

China has been rolling out a system that ranks its citizens based on their "social credit." People can be punished if they drive badly, buy too many video games, or steal. It's not a unified, nationwide system, but China plans on eventually making it mandatory for everyone.

The 'human Ken doll' has spent more than $750,000 on 72 cosmetic surgeries, and doctors warn that his addiction has gotten dangerous

Rodrigo Alves, known as "the human Ken doll," has spent more than $750,000 on 72 cosmetic surgeries to achieve a distinctive appearance. He said he's now dealing with persistent health issues related to the surgeries, including his nose "sinking" from infections.

The Patriot Report: The Conspiracy of Money and War

Uncover the hidden secrets of American history! Bryan Sharpe peels back the layers and provides the evidence for a damning retelling of the United States' history. He focuses on the history of the relationship between banks and Americans. He unveils secrets that inspire the conspiracy theorist in...

A Land So Strange: The Epic Journey of Cabeza de Vaca

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