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The Tim Ferriss Show

How to Build a Life

A column about pointing yourself toward happiness
The Tim Ferriss Show

The 3 Equations for a Happy Life, Even During a Pandemic

"How to Build a Life" is a new column that aims to give you ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Five Years Later: What I've Learned About Women and Men in Sports

Martina Navratilova on women and men in women’s sports.
Thrive Through Cancer

Superfoods Your Doctor Doesn't Talk About: The Liver, Heart & Kidney

So, what would you do if someone told you that your liver wasn't healthy? ...
The All-In Podcast

Justice Department Sues SpaceX for Discriminating Against Asylees and Refugees in Hiring

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) for ...
The All-In Podcast

Biden says Elon Musk's relationship with other countries 'worthy of being looked at'

President Joe Biden said Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's relationship with other ...
The All-In Podcast

After GOP debate, Oliver Anthony says politicians 'weaponized' his song

Oliver Anthony called it funny that "Rich Men North of Richmond" was played at ...
The All-In Podcast

The United States can no longer assume that the rest of the world is on its side

The Global South doesn't trust the United States on Ukraine - or anything else.
Freakonomics Radio

Generative AI Could Raise Global GDP by 7%

Breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence have the potential to bring about sweeping changes to ...
Freakonomics Radio

The ChatGPT Lawyer Explains Himself

In a cringe-inducing court hearing, a lawyer who relied on A.I. to craft ...
Freakonomics Radio

Why Ambitious Predictions About A.I. Are Always Wrong

Getting good at chess is one thing. Surpassing the human brain is quite another.
Freakonomics Radio

Immigrants to the U.S. Create More Jobs than They Take

A new study finds that immigrants are far more likely to found companies-both large ...
Freakonomics Radio

Are Computers Already Smarter Than Humans?

Are computers already smarter than humans? We asked an array of intelligence specialists, and ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Following Elon Musk's lead, Big Tech is surrendering to disinformation

Social media companies are receding from their role as watchdogs against conspiracy theories ahead ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Thrown to the Wolves

A physician at a major children's hospital speaks out.
The Joe Rogan Experience

3 Surprising Effects of Pornography and Porn Addiction

Is watching porn bad for your health? The effects of pornography and porn addiction ...
Thrive Through Cancer

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Cancer

Physical activity is beneficial both for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment and for ...
Huberman Lab

A Neuroscientist Prepares for Death

Lessons my terminal cancer has taught me about the mind
The All-In Podcast

Michael Burry, of 'Big Short' fame, just bet $1.6 billion on a stock market crash

Michael Burry, the "Big Short" investor who became famous for correctly predicting the epic ...
The All-In Podcast

Wall Street Is Ready to Scoop Up Commercial Real Estate on the Cheap

Firms are raising billions of dollars for funds to target distressed assets and other ...