Show Notes - Documentaries

Roger & Me - Trailer

Director Michael Moore pursues GM CEO Roger Smith to confront him about the harm ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

The Lost Leonardo - Trailer

Unravelling the hidden agendas of the richest men and most powerful art institutions in ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

White Waves Documentary

White Waves explores the history and current state of POWDERSURFING; a unique blend of ...
Bend Magazine’s The Circling Podcast with Adam Short

UNKNOWN: Cave of Bones - Trailer

In South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind, Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger has found the world’...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Watch Unknown: Cave of Bones on Netflix

Scientists examine underground clues from over 250,000 years ago that raise questions about our early ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

The Phoenix Lights - Documentary

Producers Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. and Steve Lantz present their Internationally award-winning film, ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

General Magic - Documentary

The ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were ...
The All-In Podcast

The Smashing Machine - Trailer

Documentary featuring UFC fighter Mark Kerr.
The Joe Rogan Experience

Fluoride Poison - The Great Culling

Documentary on the history and use of fluoride in our water systems.
The Joe Rogan Experience

Are Satellites Fake?

A Flat Earth Film
The Joe Rogan Experience

Happy People - Trailer

In the center of the story is the life of the indigenous people of ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Sour Grapes

Documentary about the fine and rare wine auction market centering around a counterfeiter who ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Hacking Democracy - Trailer

The film the voting machine corporations don’t want you to see! HACKING DEMOCRACY ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

ANGLE - Kurt Angle Documentary

Kurt Angle tells the tale of his journey from humble beginnings in Pittsburgh to ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Inside the Amish and Mennonite Community - Documentary

In a small region of eastern Pennsylvania time stands still. At least, for some. ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

The Last Blockbuster

This nostalgic documentary reveals the real story of Blockbuster's demise, and how one last ...
Bend Magazine’s The Circling Podcast with Adam Short
Bend Magazine’s The Circling Podcast with Adam Short

UFOs - Past, Present, and Future

This documentary film that examines several prominent UFO sightings from the post-war to contemporary ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Root Cause Documentary

Root Cause is one man's extraordinary, personal journey of self-discovery set to send ripples ...
Thrive Through Cancer
A Breath of Fresh Air