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The Joe Rogan Experience

Unreported Truths - Alex Berenson's Substack

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Independent, citizen-funded journalism. Click to read Unreported Truths, by ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Together, we can finish the job!

Campaign slogans, now and then. A Substack by Heather Heying.
The Mel Robbins Podcast

Shane O'Mara's Substack - Brain Pizza

Explore the mysteries of your brain and the magic of life with Shane O'Mara.
DarkHorse Podcast

You Go Girl - A Heather Heying Substack

Outside on a hot summer night, people are milling, waiting for the show to ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Marc Andreessen's Substack

My personal Substack. Personal views only. Actually, not even personal views. I don't even ...
The All-In Podcast

My Conversation with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by Paul Offit

Twenty years ago, I had a one-hour conversation with RFK Jr. In his current ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

The Trip Report

Substack on the business, policy and science of psychedelics by Becky Waves.
DarkHorse Podcast

Fenton & Neil 2023: The illusion of vaccine efficacy revisited

How to make a placebo look 95% effective and guarantee repeat business
DarkHorse Podcast

Celebrating the Cheater

How to beat women in the 21st century.
DarkHorse Podcast

Sea stars lost in the Salish Sea by Heather Heying

“Sea star wasting disease” is a name without a mechanism, a way for scientists ...
DarkHorse Podcast

It is dark inside your head by Heather Heying

Your thoughts are born in darkness. All the biology and chemistry and electricity that ...
Crazy Money with Paul Ollinger

Money, Pain, and New Cars by Paul Ollinger

In 1994, I was three years out of college, and the real world was kicking ...
The All-In Podcast

The Give-to-Get Model for AI Startups by David Sacks

Almost 20 years ago, a startup named Jigsaw pioneered a new crowdsourcing model where users ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Public - A Michael Shellenberger Substack

Our mission is to produce investigative and explanatory journalism in the public interest. We ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Trans activists make women terrified for their safety at the Let Women Speak rally in New Zealand.

Today in Auckland, New Zealand, we experienced mob violence that was New York level. ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Public Service Announcement to the Mama Bears

Do Not Affirm, Do Not Comply. A Substack by Heather Heying.
DarkHorse Podcast

The Greatest Lie Told During Covid

....and the one they will undoubtedly try to tell again.
Dhru Purohit Podcast

On Pausing Alcohol by Marc Andreessen

About six months ago, I stopped drinking alcohol. I feel much better, and I'm ...
DarkHorse Podcast

Heather Heying on Substack

If it evolved, it's fair game. Click to read Natural Selections, by Heather Heying, ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline - Seymour Hersh

The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a ...