Healing Reins Equine Therapy

Aug 17, 2021
Polly Cohen:
Raised on the Oregon Coast, Polly, who is described by her peers as one of the most passionate, educated and loving executive directors of all time, is leading her team to new heights and offering equine therapy services to more Central Oregonians. Equine Therapy is a proven treatment option for a number of physical and mental life challenges.

Ali Burke: A recent addition to the Healing Reins Family, Ali was part of the marketing team at Deschutes Brewery for over a Decade and was recruited for her incredible personality, passion, and relational strengths. Ali and her team are cultivating extraordinary experiences for guests of Healing Reins Ranch and in the process the organization is booming.
Podcast Guest(s): Polly Cohen, Ali Burke
Treehouse Therapies

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Treehouse Therapies is a non profit pediatric therapy clinic serving all of central Oregon with locations in Bend, Redmond, and Warm Springs, Oregon, offering physical and occupational therapy, as well as behavioral health, to children from birth through adolescence in a child-centered, family-oriented environment.
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