James Nicol/Snoplanks Snowboard Co.

Feb 3, 2022
On Episode 14, I have the privilege of spending some time with James Nicol, Co-Owner and operator of Snoplanks Snowboard Company handcrafted here in Bend Oregon. Snoplanks, now nearly 10 years old, continues to grow and evolve as a brand largely due to the leadership that James and his team exemplify by regularly making decisions for the long-term betterment of the brand rather than for short term gains.  Recorded at the Snoplanks factory, James shares his approach to designing and manufacturing surf inspired snowboards, many of the life lessons he has learned along the way and how valuable the input he receives from his team is in the success and growth of the brand. 
Podcast Guest(s): James Nicol with Host Adam Short
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Two guys, an idea and lots of sandpaper

When SnoPlanks founders James Nicol and Ryan Holmes won the BendBroadband Early Stage Award at the 2015 Bend Venture Conference, they were handed one of those comically huge checks for $15,000.

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