Mike Ripley/Mudslinger Events

Jul 16, 2022
On episode #23, Mike Ripley, a legend in the Oregon cycling community, takes a moment out of his busy schedule to sit down, have a beer and share his story. Mike shares memories from on and off his bike, that have helped shape him into who he is today and his passion for bringing people together through outdoor adventure. As owner/operator of Mudslinger Events, Mike, his wife  Andi, and the rest of their team have played a significant role of the growth and health of the offroad cycling community in the state of Oregon. Events such as the High Cascade 100, Oregon 24 and the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic are just a few of the many Events that Mike and his team at Mudslinger organize and run.  Thanks for your time Mike, you and your team continue to change lives every season through the opportunities you create. 

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2022 Oregon 24 and HC 100 Recap If the Oregon 24 was not enough, the High Cascades 100 just happened! The Oregon 24 and 12 were so amazing my brain is flooded with lights and teams and people, pizza, and camping fun! Check out #oregon24 and also Frizzstudio for all the photo action.

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We believe that every beer we make has the power to ignite a conversation. To bring an idea to life. To bring people together. We invite you to share in our values of community, chasing dreams and passion for great beer!
Best In the West Events

Best In the West Events

We are an endurance sports event management company. We own and operate multiple events throughout the region. We also provide contracting services to other event management companies that share in our belief that by providing sport we aid our society in progress, throughout the West Coast.

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The Sisters Trails Alliance is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to connect people and communities to each other and their natural surroundings.
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Meet great people who love getting dirty and building trails that last. ​ As a non-profit org, it's important that we know who showed up for trail work. You love the trails. Give a little back. ​

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OZ Trails is a world-class network of shared-use trails, headquartered in Bentonville, Ark., The Mountain Biking Capital of the World. OZ Trails was born out of deep ties and support from our community and is carried out through loyal ambassadors, adventure seekers, riders, grinders, runners, and hikers.