Pole-Pedal-Paddle/Katie Sheldon/Megan Karnopp

Apr 29, 2022
In the spring of 1977, the population of Bend Oregon was roughly 16,500. On the first Saturday in May that year, the first annual Pole-Pedal-Paddle was held as a fundraiser for the local youth Mitey mite ski program.  The late great Jenny Sheldon was the head coach of the Mitey mites and to raise money for her racers, Jenny organized the first PPP after being inspired by a similar race during her time in Jackson Hole WY.  45 years later, the PPP is back, and after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, many in Central Oregon couldn’t be happier. On Episode #19, Jenny’s daughter, Katie, shares her family’s story of how the PPP came to be, some of the shenanigans associated with the early days of the race, and what she believes her mom would be most excited about for the return of this multi-discipline race that has long since become a community staple of Central Oregon.  Also joining us, Dr. Megan Karnopp.  Born and raised in Bend, Megan made her way through the ski racing ranks, starting as a mighty mite and ending her skiing career racing for the University of Utah prior to becoming a Pediatrician. Like Katie’s Family, Megan’s parents were deeply invested in Central Oregon. Both of Megan’s parents were fundamental in the transition of the Skyliner Ski club becoming the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation and benefactor of the Pole-Pedal-Paddle.  Megan’s late father Dennis represented the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs for the majority of his legal career and was proud of his involvement in several landmark legal wins for the Tribes. Katie, Megan, thank you both for sharing so much of your family’s history which has clearly helped shape the community that so many of us value today. 
Podcast Guest(s): Katie Sheldon, Megan Karnopp

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