Professor of Wildlife Science Bret Michalski/Hunting in Modern Society

May 31, 2022
In 1994, after completing his graduate work in wildlife science and management from Oregon State University, Bret Michalski moved to Bend Oregon to take a job in the Forestry Department at Central Oregon Community College.  28 years later, Bret and his family still call Central Oregon home and Bret continues to educate the next generation of students in wildlife conservation and management.  On Episode 21, Bret shares his passion for being an active participant in nature, his opinions on wildlife conservation and management ,and his new course, Hunting in Modern Society.  Bret is currently working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and helping to implement and grow the National R3 program, with the goal of improving conservation and wildlife management on a national level. Thanks for your time Bret, I love what you’re doing and it was a trip down memory lane being back in Cascades Hall up on the hill again. 
Podcast Guest(s): Host Adam Short with Guest Bret Michalski

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