Spoken Moto/Breezie Dueber/Pete West

Jul 4, 2022
In the summer of 2016 a small, unassuming, abandoned storage warehouse near the Old Mill District was reclaimed, restored and brought back to life.  On July 4th, Spoken Moto, a feel-good, comfortable gathering space influenced by old school craftsmanship, vintage motorcycles, hand roasted coffee, craft beer and quality goods, turns seven years old.  The refined rustic venue is also a great host to many community events including live music, art shows, movies, trivia and much more.  On episode 22, General managers Pete West and Breezie Dueber take a moment to sit down and share the story of Spoken Moto, past, present, and future. Recorded next to some vintage builds in the Pine Shed, I get to know Pete and Breezie and understand the vision of Spoken Moto.  Be it an abandoned warehouse, vintage motorcycle or an old friendship, Spoken works to reclaim, restore and bring new life, beauty and purpose to what was once forgotten.  Breezie, Pete, Thanks for your time. I love what you’ve created and continue to grow in Spoken Moto.  
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