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May 26, 2023

The Grey NATO – 240 – New Watch Roundup (Doxa, Bremont, Zodiac, and Aquastar)

Episode 240 finds Jason and James back from a weekend of diving and cottage time following James’ trip to NYC for the launch of a ...  brand new Doxa. In step with the new release from Doxa and an even newer release from Aquastar, the TGN boys thought this would be a great opportunity to catch up on a few of the watches that have come out in the past few months. From the Clive Cussler-themed Doxa to the latest from Bremont, Citizen, Mido, and Zodiac, it’s a mixed collection of new releases that ends with the brand-new – and rather handsome – Aquastar Model 60.

Introducing: The Doxa Sub 300T Clive Cussler Special Edition (Live Pics)

Beyond the aged steel look-and-feel, I think the dial is interesting, but I would have preferred it Professional orange and without the compass design, especially because the watch is at least partially meant as a reference to the Dirk Pitt novels.

National Underwater and Marine Agency | Founded by Clive Cussler

Since the earliest days of Euro/American settlements on the Oregon coast, stories have been told of a shipwreck laden with large blocks of beeswax, candles, Chinese porcelain and other exotic artifacts from the Orient. At first, settlers thought it might be a Chinese junk, a Portuguese trader or an English pirate ship and referred to it as the "mystery wreck."

Raise the Titanic! (Dirk Pitt, #4)

Read 968 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On orders from the Pentagon, marine explorer Dirk Pitt must salvage crucial material from ...

Introducing: Aera Expands With New Colors And Upgraded Movements

What has changed is that Aera is using Globolight lume for the markers and dial indexes (which looks very bright in the included lume shots) and they have outfitted these new models with an upgraded movement, an Elabore grade Sellita SW200-1.

Zodiac Sea-Chron

Ultimate Utility The Zodiac Sea-Chron is visually distinguished by its three sub-dials and two pushers, which start and stop the chronograph function without interfering with the watch's basic time-telling functionality. Whether you're a sportsman, engineer, technician, physician, or in the military, the Zodiac SeaChron is the perfect watch for anyone who works or plays in the three dimensions of time, speed, and distance.

Introducing: Citizen Gets Colorful With The U.S. Launch Of The NJ015 'Tsuyosa'

And to that end, I must say: Statement made. These colorful integrated steel watches are bold, loud, and packed with value at under $500. I applaud Citizen for the choice to keep these at 40mm. Watches without functional bezels tend to wear larger than their diameter would normally indicate.


Skip to content Eager to push boundaries and understand the true performance potential of Bremont's ENG300 movement, the ultimate challenge had to be to put it through the rigorous schedule of environment testing conditions that Martin-Baker deploys across its suite of fighter ejection seats.
Bremont Watch Company

Bremont Vulcan

The Avro Vulcan was a jet powered, tail-less, delta-wing, high altitude strategic bomber, operated by the Royal Air Force from 1956 until 1984. Heralded as a symbolic last defence against nuclear war, the Avro Vulcan is one of the most iconic aircraft in the RAF's history.
Bremont Watch Company

The Grey NATO - 128 - Aquastar, Doxa, And Hayabusa Swaps With Rick Marei

This episode features an extra-long interview that has been in the making for a very long time as Jason and James have an in-depth chat with the man behind the re-launch of brands like Doxa and Aquastar - Rick Marei.

Kirsten Neuschäfer Wins the Golden Globe Sailing Race, Dubbed a Voyage for Mad Men

On the evening of April 27, as the sky darkened over the Atlantic coast of France, a 36-foot sailboat drifted slowly on a windless sea. South African sailor Kirsten Neuschäfer, 40, stood alone at the helm of Minnehaha, whose once-white hull had gone dingy with algae.
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