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Jun 8, 2023

The Grey NATO – 242 – A Deep Dive With Don Walsh (The First Man to the Deepest Spot on Earth)

Batten down the hatches! We’ve got the definition of an extra-special guest for this episode which features an in-depth (ahem) chat with Captain Don Walsh, ...  PhD (USN - Retired). Yes, that Don Walsh – who piloted the Bathyscaphe Trieste to 35,797 ft in Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench with Jacques Piccard on January 23, 1960. Don hopped on a call with Jason and James from his home in Oregon to chat about his history in the U.S. Navy, how he was selected for the famed deep-diving mission, what it was like to sink into depths unknown, and, of course, the watches involved in the mission (and those he and his son have collected since). For the TGN boys, this is a pinch-yourself moment as they chat with a legend of underwater exploration, aka. Mr. Challenger Deep.

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Hands-On: The New Aquastar Model 60

Aquastar might not be a name familiar to many, but it was perhaps the single most innovative dive watch brand of the 1960s, with over a dozen patents for everything from bezels to depth gauges. The company had its genesis within the venerable Jean Richard brand, one of the oldest Swiss watch brands at the time.


A bathyscaphe is a self-propelled vehicle used for deep-sea dives Earth Science, Oceanography, Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Physical Geography, Social Studies, World History A bathyscaphe is a self-propelled vehicle used for deep-sea dives. Bathyscaphes can dive deeper than a person with scuba gear, and even deeper than submarines.

The Grey NATO - 231 - David Concannon On Visiting the Titanic, Recovering Apollo Rockets, And His Love Of Rolex

This episode has been a long time coming and the TGN boys are thrilled to welcome David Concannon to the show. David is a highly specialized lawyer that works in and around adventuring, expeditions, diving, and more.

Rasher (SS-269)

Gato-class submarine USS Rasher (SS-269) was commissioned on 8 June 1943, and after trials in Lake Michigan, was decommissioned and then towed down the Mississippi River to New Orleans for recommissioning and fitting. The new submarine conducted training in the Bay of Panama before she steamed to Brisbane, Australia, arriving on 11 September.

Office of Naval Research

The Office of Naval Research coordinates, executes and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
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FOR SALE: Two Ultra-Rare Rolex Deep Sea Specials

First, they dove off of Capri to 1,080 meters, then on September 30, 1953, the Trieste hit 3,150 meters (remember this dive). Later, while diving south of Ponza Island in October of 1956, they hit ~3,700 meters.

Introducing: Rolex Shatters Water-Resistance Records With Its First Titanium Watch (And We've Got Exclusive Live Pics)

Look at the wrist shots here and it's clear this thing's about as likely to slide under a cuff as I am to slide into home in the World Series this week. But this is the type of watch that'd look better on top of a wetsuit than under a suit anyway.

The final frontier: How Victor Vescovo became the first person to visit the deepest part of every ocean - Oceanographic

Photographs by Reeve Jolliffe 'There are so many ocean trenches. I would love to go and see and to see what new discoveries lie there.' - Victor Vescovo The Five Deeps Expedition creator Victor Vescovo is no stranger to adventure. In 2017 he completed the 'Explorers Grand Slam', having climbed the highest peak of all seven of the world's continents.

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Rolex presents: The Trieste's Deepest Dive (Extended) - Video

In 1960, Lieutenant Don Walsh of the US Navy and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard navigated the Trieste bathyscaphe into the Mariana Trench. They accomplished a feat so incredible that it forever raised the bar for deep-ocean exploration.

'Casino Royale' With Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and Amanda Dobbins

The three revisit the first installment in the 'James Bond' franchise, 'Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, Mads Mikkelsen, and Eva Green
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