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Nov 28, 2023

Ep. 66 - Living Through Cancer: A Sibling’s Perspective

I’m thrilled to share this really special and tender conversation I had with lifestyle YouTube sensation, Brittany Vasseur.
Brittany’s brother was diagnosed with Stage 3B ...  Testicular Cancer at the age of 24, and as you can imagine, it turned their world upside down. Her story, her commitment to walking alongside her family during this difficult time, and her willingness to jump fully into educating herself in how they could fight more holistically are inspiring. Plus, her thoughts on hope in the midst of her brother only having a 5% chance of living will empower your heart deeply!
I’m also excited that KICKcancER’s newest Executive Director, Dana Hinton, was able to join our conversation. Dana helps to moderate our conversation, but having experienced the loss of her sister in the last year to ALS, her insight to our conversation is priceless! Plus, Dana shared some really exciting news about what’s happening over the next several weeks that I would like to invite you to participate in!
Essentially, this conversation amongst the three of us about cancer, supporting loved ones fighting cancer, holistic options, hope, plant medicine, and so much more is one that you don’t want to miss!!
Podcast Guest: Brittany Vasseur

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